Looking to Improve Mental Health? Take a Walk!

Houston, Texas, United States
15th October 2011

October 15th, 2011, saw the inaugural Houston Walk for Mental Health Awareness. It was born out of the cognition that people living with mental pain can struggle to endure everyday living, and that this is not a situation without hope. The program aimed to bring together non-profit institutes and programs with people, directly or through association, afflicted with such mental conditions that can potentially make everyday living a struggle.

“The Art of Living Foundation recognizes that often people are the victims of physical and mental health concerns, triggered from accruing stress, especially in today’s modern development and life-style. Partnering in the Houston Walk is one way of supporting our city-wide resolve to make Houston a healthier city, in body, mind, and spirit”, points out Aurva Kapoor, a volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation who led the Foundation’s representation with the Houston Walk.

The Greater Houston community-wide walk was the inaugural event of this tradition, and was flagged off by Mayor Annise Parker and other dignitaries. Several Houston Area Agencies showed solidarity through formally partnering for this cause. Participants of the Houston Walk donated to these Houston Area Agencies, towards strengthening the City-wide resolve to help improve the mental health of people.

“The Art of Living Foundation is committed to bringing holistic health, peace of mind and stress-relief, much needed in today’s environment of high stress, physical and mental health disorders. We are a proud Houston Area Agency member of the Houston Walk today”, mentions Vivek Rajan, another representative of the Art of Living Foundation in the Houston Walk.

The Houston Walk was flagged off at 8.15 AM on the Saturday from Stude Park and culminated via a 5 kilometer loop trail to cheers at this first-of-its-sorts walks in Houston. “We see a spate of unhealthy behavior – crime and violence around us, and even extreme forms of behavior including suicidal tendencies, and oftentimes people are clueless about what to do! That is where the Art of Living Foundation steps in. The Foundation offers tools that help reduce stress, thereby bringing relief and happiness within oneself. When stress is reduced, the result is a balanced and a peaceful mind – a trigger for harmony with one’s own self and with the society we live in”, quips Vivek.

Pledges and donations to partnering Area Agencies are open until November 15, and more information is at thehoustonwalk.org.

So has the walk ended? “It has only begun. We are organizing stress-relief programs all over the city, and across the United States, to cater to fostering holistic health in youth and adult alike. We are committed to bringing a smile on everyone’s face in the City of Houston”, states Aurva with a smile on his face.

Houston, we have a problem? Not really – take a walk!

For more information about the programs that the Art of Living Foundation offers in Houston, please contact Vivek Rajan ▪ (713) 480-6799 ▪ vivek.rajan@artofliving.org. For more information about the Art of Living Foundation, visit www.artofliving.org.