How Maddy King & Boyfriend Kris Smith Got Their Mojo Back

MODEL Maddy King has her mojo back — thanks to a happiness program at Mosman.

She was so impressed with the program that she also sent longtime boyfriend and fellow model Kris Smith along to the course.

King, 26, confessed that for three years she lived in a fog, battled weight problems and saw an endless round of doctors.

She said that although she was young and healthy, she was plagued by fatigue which cast a shadow over her normally happy personality.

Maddy King had a range of health issues that doctors couldn’t cure.

I’d sleep all night but I’d wake up feeling like I had not slept at all,’’ she said.

“My mind was foggy and I would get emotional over little things that normally wouldn’t bother me.

“I got every sickness that came my way, my digestion was almost non-existent and it was a nightmare trying to keep my weight down.

“My family and boyfriend were definitely sick of hearing me complain.’’

King said doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and “everyone kept telling me ... that I was just being pathetic and a hypochondriac”.

After seeing a string of doctors and healer, plus taking various vitamins and medications, King said she consulted a iridologist who diagnosed adrenal fatigue but effective treatments didn’t last.

“Finally, I got myself to a happiness course,’’ she said.

The six-day Happiness Program, conducted by the Art of Living Foundation, is taught at Mosman by Megan Brummer.

The course has a big emphasis on meditation and the Sudarshan Kriya breathing method, plus learning how to deal with issues like negative emotions and stress and boosting energy levels. “At first, I didn’t think the breathing technique would help because I breathe all the time but after the first session, I suddenly felt this huge burst of energy and wanted to run home,’’ said King.

“It was amazing. I’m back to the old me and I see the world differently.’’

King said she encouraged Smith to do the course and he also got something out of it.

“But he’s more of a gym and lifting weights kinds guy,’’ she said.

In between modelling assignments, King is studying nutrition and iridology and is three years into six years of study.

The couple have a busy life, according to King, but she’s now got the energy to deal with it.

“And Kris is working on some surprise shows,’’ she said.

Courtesy: News Local