Maharashtra Villages Learn How To Store Rain Water

Jalgaon, Maharashtra: The villagers of Maharashtra constantly faced water crisis until volunteers of The Art of Living found a permanent solution. The prob¬lem was solved in Dharana and seven other villages when these volunteers dug drains and canals to increase ground wa¬ter level and encourage water flow.

Laxmi Tai and Dr. Ranjana organ¬ized a seminar in the village to discuss solutions to this problem and several participants came up with valid sugges¬tions. A committee was formed to im¬plement the ideas. Some of the villagers collected donations to execute the work.

While the residents of Mussali paid for diesel, the local branch of Rotary Club donated JCB machines. The Tehsil¬dar provided all possible administrative help and the work progressed quickly. Dams were built and canals were dug, and soon water started flowing into the villages.

Dilip Marathe, Sanchalak of ‘Shri Gurudatt Krishi Vigyan Mandal’, said that the dams became full after the rains, and the ground water level also went up considerably. With a lot of water avail¬able for irrigation, farmers have grown better crops. The village sarpanch expressed happiness that the increased yield has resulted in a prosperous village, and thanked The Art of Living volunteers for taking such an initiative.

The irrigation plan was implemented in seven other villages– Ringan Gaon, Jorkhera, Akaal, Wardi, Gadhe¬gaon, Samrod, and Wadgaon. In addition, the resi¬dents have now found a permanent solution for the persistent water problem.

Project Coordinator Dr. Ranjana can be reached at (+91) 9922661563.