May - I Meditate

The rest you gain in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep. The deeper your rest, the more dynamic your activity is.

Life is getting busier and doing more means giving more time, more energy and more… There’s a way out of constant stress, fatigue and deadline tensions. And its sitting on your desk. All you have to say is May - I Meditate!

The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace brings you the experience of meditation at your fingertips with the program, May - I Meditate. This program aims to dedicate the month of May to allow micro, small and medium Enterprises across India to experience meditation, enjoy the benefits and lead happier lives.

Perks of Being a Meditator

  • Gives clarity of mind & enables intuitive decision making
  • Increases efficiency & productivity
  • Helps to use time more effectively
  • Nurtures creativity & innovation

Why You Want Meditators in Your Company

  • Higher staff morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Better inter-staff relations
  • Better customer service

There are various levels of meditations based on the participation in the program.

May – I Meditate is a three-step program. These are the steps:

  1. Register your company to receive the preliminary meditation media and guide. These will help and direct you to get started with meditation.
  2. Perform daily meditation sessions at your workplace.
  3. Submit your participation after each session to gain eligibility for the next level.

This program is completely experiential and Free of Cost!!

Choose a better work-life balance, a stress-free mind and a better quality of living.

For more details, please visit the May - I Meditate website.