Monthly State-Wise Seva Programme in Bangalore Ashram For Year 2011

“Seva brings merit. Merit allows you to go deeper in meditation; Meditation brings back your smile.” Gurudev

Upcoming Seva in Bangalore Ashram

1 - 29 Feb 2011: Seva for Maharashtra State
For any further Queries please do call on +91 80 672628069, +91 8147901595

An opportunity for all those who would like to contribute and devote time doing Seva (service) in the Bangalore Ashram. 

Guidelines for Nationals (Indian citizen) to apply for seva

To make this process easier and give an enriching experience, we would invite people from each state for a fixed duration  of time in every year

  • Each state gets the chance once or twice a year. The Seva period for each state starts from 1st of the scheduled month. One can opt for Seva only during the specified month, for a minimum period of one month. In special cases one can be allowed to come for Seva for 15 days.
  • Fill up the ‘Seva Application Form’ as per instructions.
  • Submit your ‘Seva Pre-requisite Form’ along with your ‘Seva Application Form’ to your State Apex Body, via post/ email at least one month prior (Click here for contact details of  VVKI Apex offices in India).
  • Based on your form submission, you shall be invited for a brief interview at your State Apex Office, at a mutually agreed time and date.
  • Based upon the interview, your Seva Application form will be sent to Ashram HR, Bangalore.
  • Ashram HR, Bangalore will duly indicate to your respective State Apex Office, with a copy to you, via e mail on the acceptance/non acceptance of your Seva application.

General Seva mainly comprises of Seva in the Kitchen, Housing and Campus Maintenance. Those with specific skill set (e.g. Civil engineer, electrical engineer, doctor etc) can render their Seva based on their skills sets or for General Seva.

  • Seva, Sadhana and Satsang in itself are a joyful experience in the Ashram when practiced with other Sadhaks in a disciplined routine.
  • Travel expenses to be borne by individual applicants.
  • Your accommodation will be on shared basis.
  • Your food (three meals) will be provided at The Annapoorna Dining Hall at specified hours.
  • Through Your Seva Period, You will also be able to attend one complimentary weekly Advanced Course or a DSN Course (if scheduled in that period)
  • Satsang in presence of Guruji
  • Monday Morning Rudra Poojas.
  • A Seva certificate can be provided for excellence in Seva based upon Seva reports.

State Wise Monthly seva schedule (limited number of seats allotted to each state .Pls Check with Your respective Apex Body.)