Mumbai Police Combat Stress

Life can be challenging for a police officer in the city that never sleeps. Whether it is dealing with the constant flow of miscreants, or managing the escalating traffic or rehabilitating misguided youth towards a better life, the policeman is always at the forefront..

With this powerful role of enforcing law and order come high levels of stress. To help the police force combat their stress levels with the same ferocity as they tackle law-breakers, The Art of Living was invited to introduce its stress- elimination programs to the police personnel.


It all began when Mr Sanjeev Dayal, Commisioner of Mumbai, gave the green signal for The Art of Living Course to be held across all police stations in Mumbai.

900 women police personnel participated in The Art of Living course at the Marol Police Headquarters, Andheri grounds in December 2010.

Many personnel have reported enhanced fitness levels, confidence and alertness while dealing with high pressure situations.

Courses have also been conducted at four police stations in Worli, Versova, Khar and Meghwadi between November and December 2010.

This project envisages training 950 more trainee constables. The Art of Living course has been taught to law enforcement personnel around the world. Research has also been conducted on their reported benefits.

Rehabilitation of prisoners is another area where The Art of Living is successfully engaged in.