Natueco farming (Nature
Ecological Farming)

Natueco farming follows the principles of eco-system networking of nature in our farming system. It is different from organic or natural farming both in philosophy and practice. It offers an alternative to the commercial, heavily chemical's techniques of farming. It emphasizes harvesting the sun through a critical application of scientific inquiries and experiments that are rooted in the neighborhood resources. It depends on developing a thorough understanding of plant physiology, plant geometry of growth, plant fertility and plant biochemistry.


Sunlight produces 3 to 4 Grams of dry weight per sq. ft. per day. Four liter nursery soil is required to support per sq. foot of canopy of trees that can capture the sunlight. The nursery soil consists 50% well decomposed biomass and 50% activated mineral topsoil by volume. In nursery soil, one liter of water is sufficient per sq. ft. for 10 days to supply the adequate minerals, 25 Gms. ash has to be provided per sq. ft. per 100 days. We can create the required microclimate for a particular crop in any area.

Natueco Farming step by step

The three relevant aspects of Natueco Farming are as below.

  • SOIL: Enrichment of soil by recycling the biomass and by establishing a proper energy chain
  • ROOTS: Development and maintenance of white root zones for efficient absorption of nutrients
  • CANOPY: Harvesting the sun through proper canopy management for efficient photosynthesis