Negativity needs an anchor

Negativity cannot remain without a support. Positivity, happiness can be without any reason. The mind goes on trying to find support for its negativity. It looks for a hook to hang its negativity on - if not this person, then that thing or that person and so on. This perpetuates the maya! The creeper of negativity needs a support in order to grow. But negativity or aversion for even one person can guarantee a one-way ticket to hell - you need nothing else! All negativity is a pointer to move to the centre and broaden the vision to the cosmic intelligence. Instead of focussing your attention on support for your negativity, look at the seed of negativity. With meditation, silence, kriya, the source of negativity is nipped at the root.

Bangalore city saw its biggest and best ever Satsang - nearly two thousand people were actually outside the jam-packed hall, but were smilingly watching the proceedings on a large screen! The festival of Lord Ganesha is being celebrated with gusto all over India. A new seva project was inaugurated by Guruji in the village of Urugahalli (which is already adopted by AOL) which saw over 200 girls being given self - employment.