NIRJ DEVA: Member of the European Parliament: Modern technology, the internet, social media, Twitter, Facebook, has made the young people into one single global family. Anybody anywhere can join the community and share feelings, thoughts, attitudes, hopes, aspirations and dispare . Our outrage, anger and frustration about these have also increased. These lead to great stress, anger, frustration, with the way we are governed. How can we use these modern tools that create this vast community to make people less stressed, happier, more contended, and able to deal with violence in a calmer and more rational way?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Technology can be used to bring comfort and also can be used to harm mankind. I hope sense will prevail that we use technology for doing something creative, and something that brings absolute comfort for the human race. That is why technology without human values will be disastrous. We need to inculcate human values of cooperation, compassion, a sense of service, and respect for each other. These values need to be inculcated and it has become the need of the hour today. Values are no longer a luxury; they are the most essential thing today, otherwise, we will be in to disaster.