North American Center

International Art of Living Center

The North American Art of Living Center is a retreat center that offers educational and rejuvenation programs for the local and global community.

The Center is open year-round and is located in the beautiful region of La Mauricie in the province of Quebec, about two hours northeast of Montreal. The grounds provide a peaceful and serene natural environment with 250 acres of woods and lakes.

Programs offered

Our Center offers many programs and activities for individuals and families. Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are part of our courses and silence retreats. Residential courses, held over four to six days, are about true relaxation. You are given an opportunity to dive deeper into your self ... and come back refreshed in body, mind and spirit. We also offer the wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and retreats. Course participants or visitors can choose accommodations that correspond to their needs; rooms with private baths, wood cabins or camping sites with shower facilities.

A Family Affair

The Center offers programs to accommodate the whole family. While parents are enjoying yoga and meditation retreats, special courses and activities are offered for small children and teens. Weekends are also organized every season for college students to reenergize before exams.

Organic Gardening AND ORCHARD

The Center is also home to an orchard and a certified organic garden, producing fruit, vegetables and herbs that are used to provide meals at the Center and are also distributed in the region.

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