Go MAD and be a Friend
for Change

‘This is my society …my country …my world; I cannot let them suffer in any way!’ If you are one of those youngsters who think this way, who want to re-direct their energy towards social innovation and go MAD (Make a Difference); then there is something that we would like to offer you - something that can empower you to be the dynamic FRIEND FOR CHANGE you want to be. And that ‘something’ is meditation!

On the special occasion of World Youth Day (Jan 12, 2013), we interviewed a few youngsters like you (who want to be Friends for Change) to know what were their dreams for 2013. We shortlisted the top 5 dreams (some for the society and some personal) and presented them to Dinesh Ghodke’s who has empowered thousands of youth across 22 countries through various innovative initiatives of yoga and meditation.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 dreams and Dinesh Ghodke’s answers to how meditation can help you achieve them.

Dream 1 – Can I ever be stress-free? Can the society be stress-free?

Dinesh Ghodke - Sometimes the things that seem to help us un-wind ourselves actually end up adding more stress, such as watching a cricket match. So, that is where meditation comes in.

Meditation really dissolves and eliminates the stress. With regular practice of meditation and yoga, you become afresh, bright and energetic person to take on the challenges of life.

If everyone practices meditation, we can easily have a stress-free society. So we must spread the wisdom of meditation to everyone.

Would you like to be a Friend for Change to transform your society into a violence-free, stress-free one? Join the Google Hangout with Gurudev.

Dream 2 – I wish for a corruption-free society!

Dinesh Ghodke - As Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says – “Corruption begins where belongingness ends”. You won’t give or take bribe from your own brother and sisters who you feel are yours. So Meditation & yoga, brings belongingness from inside with more and more people.

As youth, you could take two steps against corruption? First take a pledge of not going to give a bribe or take a bribe. Second - be together, get your friends and be a part of the initiative ‘Volunteer for a Better India’. When meditators and good people come together as a force, it becomes very difficult to propagate corruption.

Dream 3 – I want people to have more respect for women.

Dinesh Ghodke - Domestic violence is connected with alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, a person is not in his senses of what he is saying, what he is doing, and most of the violence against women happens due to this.

In Art of Living courses, we teach yoga, meditation, along with other ways which help handle addiction.

Dream 4 – Living a healthy lifestyle is what I dream of.

Dinesh Ghodke – If you see, when you are sad or not in a very high mood then the tendency to eat the wrong type of food is more. Check out a person who works out, goes to the gym or meditates. That person automatically tends to indulge in healthy food. So these physical activities along with meditation come as preventive action. Moreover, healthy lifestyle comes when rest and activity are balanced. That’s exactly what meditation does.

Dream 5 – I really want to do all that I could not last year!

Dinesh Ghodke – Yes, that’s because you did not have the above tips. Now if you follow the above and practice yoga and meditation, then you would not have the same problem.

Empowerment Tips

  • If you are going to sign a petition or participate in a rally, then make sure to meditate for 20 minutes before you go. This will help you keep up your spirit for change.
  • You could also gather all your other Friends for Change and meditate together. The impact of meditation is stronger when done in a group.
  • Always remember, we have to create peace and not more violence, so make sure you do not come from a space of aggression but from a space of making a peaceful change.
  • Social innovation might require you to come up with creative ideas. Meditating for 20 minutes every day will enhance your creativity. Make a list of all the creative ideas you have and then share it with your group of Friends for Change.
  • Meditation makes your presence stronger and you can easily become an inspiration for others. With your daily meditation, try to inspire at least one more youngster to join hands.

By Divya Sachdev