Yoga, Physical Flexibility
and Competition

Yoga is becoming popular recently and equally becoming very commercialised and competitive. There is too much emphasis on physical flexibility with impossible and intimidating postures to demonstrate physical flexibility and superiority. Such super-flexibility is not necessary for the well-being of body or mind.

The mind that is stuck at the physical level becomes a hindrance in your progress. You can spend time better pursuing higher aspects of yoga than only focusing on physical flexibility alone.

In the true practice of yoga, body is respected, as it houses the Higher Consciousness. Yet, a greater emphasis is placed on the well-being of mind and other hidden gifts of human existence since the body is only a wrapping paper.

sri sri yoga1

The practice of yoga in its true spirit is neither competitive nor judgemental. Yoga is a multidimensional practise and except for the asanas , no other element of it can be physically measured.

The essential elements of yoga:

  • Mental peace and calmness
  • Level of your awareness
  • Love and compassion for others
  • The degree and depth of your connection with the inner self

Are there any scales to measure this in you?

Though these elements of yoga cannot be quantified, you can observe a vast change within yourself when you attend the Sri Sri Yoga Programmes, such as the Sri Sri Yoga courses, which cater to enriching all the essential elements of yoga to give you a complete yoga experience.

Without the practise of other elements, practise of yoga asanas alone which is Hatha yoga cannot be called the practice of yoga.