Our Volunteer - Aditi

Our volunteer - AditiWhen I first heard about the children from Meghalaya, that were adopted by The Art of Living, I heard that they were really naughty! I heard that they would climb trees and play games sitting in the trees for over three hours. I must admit, this is actually what attracted me to them

When I tell them it is story telling time, they come line by line in such a disciplined fashion and very patiently they wait to hear the stories I have to share. I tell them stories about Indian mythology, stories about Akbar people and ofcourse Guru stories. This is their favorite part, no matter how many Guru stories you tell them, they still want more. They also stand up and share their own Guru stories with me. I love it! When I tell them stories it gives me the opportunity to learn a lot too. I am having a blast with them.