Our Volunteer - Beejal

our volunteer - beejal50 children from Meghalaya, 20 from Assam and Manipur and lately 16 girls from Meghalaya have come to the ashram. They have came from a tribal culture, a different lifestyle from our modern day society. The parents happily sent their children to be educated here. It has taken them a long time to adapt to a more structured lifestyle. The children are attending a CBSE board school. The ashram takes care of all their needs from school contribution to all their basic needs.

The children are excellent in various fields like football, martial arts, drawing, music, dancing, making them highly creative. Apart from their school routine, a daily practise of yoga, chanting, kriya, satsang and a vegetarian diet is followed. This has brought immense transformation in their lives. They have become calm, relaxed, sharp and focused. Their memory power has increased and they now have the ability to reason without aggression.

For me, seeing this is the greatest achievement in my life, and I have only my master to thank for this. He has made this journey easy for me. The tremendous amount of grace that flows I see in the children and their activities. I am so grateful to my master to be given this opportunity.