Our Volunteer - Saurabh

our volunteer - saurabhTo escape the tension in conflict-torn Kashmir, a group of children were brought to The Art of Living International Center. The aim was to provide them with a secure environment and education. Today, these children have grown up into responsible young dynamic adults. Saurabh Chopra has volunteered his time to teach martial arts to them and shares.

“Honestly speaking I don't have any words to describe my experience with these kids. Whatever little I can bring out is not even near to what I have experienced. I found that I had nothing to teach these kids. Yes a few techniques, here and there. But all I could do is learn from them.

I would talk to them about discipline, and I used to get up at around 7am / 8 am /9am daily and these kids get up daily at 4am. I would talk to these kids about courage, and these kids have seen enough violence to send Osama Bin Laden into trauma. And still they smile, do their Kriya, play, laugh, do mischief. I would talk to them about focus and whatever little I had to teach these kids they have it on their tips of their fingers. All I can say that these kids are second to none in any manner.

I heard from people in the Ashram that these kids are very rough, hardened etc. But whenever I would pass them they would bow down so sweetly, smile and say Jai Guru Dev. Their eyes would always light up on seeing me. And the amount of love I have received from them is immense and cannot be put into words. They have the courage of warriors and are cultured enough to be the definition of culture.

One moment they can run after monkeys and the next moment they are quietly there meditating in the class in horse stance. In the class I don't have to use much words with them. They can look in my eyes and know what to do next. So sensitive are they. I hardly have had anything to teach them, all I can do is just learn from them and be amazed by them.”