The best way to overcome events

All the problems that you face in life are because you attach over importance to events. The events grow bigger while you remain smaller.

Let’s assume: you are riding a motorbike on a busy motorway and there is another vehicle emitting exhaust fumes right in front of you. You have three options: 

1. You can complain, somehow bear with it, and still follow the vehicle.

2. You can slow down or wait for some time to allow the vehicle to move far away from you.

3. You can use your skill, overtake the vehicle, and forget about it.

As in the first case, most of you stick to the events and are miserable, like inhaling fumes throughout your journey.

In the second case, you don't get permanent relief, as another bigger vehicle might come in front of you. Similarly, running away from events is not the permanent solution.

However, wise people use their skill and grow, moving beyond the events. If the vehicle is in perfect condition, the skill is effective. Conditioning the vehicle is /sadhana/ or practice. And skill is the grace of the Guru or the Master.

Relax and just be!

The events come and go, they perish like flowers.

But every event and every person contains some honey. Like a 

bee, just take the honey out of every event and every moment- and 

move on. Be like a busy bee and be in the Being.

Keep your heart in a safe place; it is too delicate. Events and small things make strong impressions on it. To keep your heart safe and your mind sane, you cannot find a better place than the Divine. The passing time and events will not be able to touch you; they will not create a scar.

A precious stone needs a setting around it – gold or silver – to hold it; Wisdom and knowledge are the setting that will hold your heart in the Divine.