Padmakar Sadashiv Kulkarni

Padmakar Sadashiv Kulkarni

Padmakar Sadashiv Kulkarni, 39 years (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra)

I am into The Art of Living since seven years. I am a businessman and also a YLTP teacher since 2006. I always had this intention that having come to this world, I should definitely do some service. Doing service we should make our life an expression of joy.

In Ahmednagar district this work started in 2004, and we have around 1000 Yuvacharyas and Sevacharyas in Maharashtra. We work together in different villages. We work to create awareness about organic farming, organize cleanliness drives etc. in these villages. Government agencies also come forward to join hands with us at times.

In one of the villages our Yuvacharyas have done a great job. The whole village has done Breath-Water-Sound workshop and The Art of Living Part 1 Course. There is a person, whose life is totally transformed. He used to be an addict and now he is a totally changed person, living a happy life. Another person was not keeping good health and was spending Rs.100 per day on medicines. Now after doing the Art of Living Part 1 Course and practicing Sudarshan Kriya every day, he doesn’t have to spend even one rupee on medicines.

Many villages have been transformed. Many people have got connected to The Art of Living through organic farming as well. YLTP plans to get everyone into The Art of Living and make a better society. I gained confidence and knowledge, which made life extremely beautiful.

Zero-budget chemical-free farming - Padmakar Sadashiv Kulkarni shares his experience