Positive thinking: Three Levels of Knowledge

24 Sep 2012

There are three types of knowledge or information that we get.One is through the five senses. You see, listen, smell, taste and touch and get information and knowledge. Most of our knowledge is gained through our five senses.

The second is through intellect, which is superior to the knowledge gained through the senses. The knowledge of science is gained through intellect. Through our eyes, we see the sun setting. But it is through through science that we know that it is the earth that is revolving around the sun.

These two levels of knowledge are inferior to the intuitive knowledge. This knowledge is from the spirit and comes from silence. It cannot be verified by the senses or the intellect.

Life begins when we tap into this third level. For this, you have to let go of the knowledge of the senses and the intellect. The moment you do, the cravings and aversions that you gained through the senses stop. All intellectual perceptions need to be dropped. Then this knowledge dawns upon one. This is called Ritambhara knowledge.

Everyone has this ability. You must have experienced a gut feeling, some knowledge you cannot really figure out what it is from. When that knowledge comes up, we don’t honor it. Instead, we stick to our intellectual or sensory perceptions. Sometimes you go beyond your intellect which tells you something but your gut feeling says something else. We ignore that and stick to our intellect. This is how your judgments fail to be right. Sometimes, you take a step beyond your judgment and be happy about it. When you go against your intellect, something beyond it takes over.

Many times, with your emotions, cravings and aversions, you think, ‘This is a gut feeling, this is my knowledge.’ But this is called Yogmaya. You honour the knowledge of the spirit when you are still and meditative. This is the area from where the entire cosmos works. Then intellect plays on it and develops it further. Every one of those great poems or music has come from that area.

So understand that your intellect is judgmental and don’t depend on it too much. Just become a witness to all. There is a gradual progression for all this and it is happens in everyone’s life. Just allow this awareness and it will happen even faster.

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