Preventing an epidemic

A camp to diagnose and prevent the onset of mass mosquito-related fever called Chickungunya. Timely intervention helped prevent the outbreak of an epidemic. Over 2,550 people benefited from medical treatment, early diagnosis and free medicines.

Chikungunya fever prevention camp

July 2006 saw heavy rainfall in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India creating loss of property and life. Stagnant water ponds attract a lot of mosquitoes which bring with them various kinds of serious illness. Medical facilities were insufficient. After consultation with experts and doctors, homeopathic medicine was advised to be the best prevention for Chikungunya. Under the guidance Dr. Rajnesh Sharma and Dr. Anuj Singh Ragini, an 18-member Art of Living volunteer team organized a free medical camp. The camp served to help in diagnosis and prevention. Over 2,550 people benefited from this initiative.