Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Croatia is a region, whose history has been fraught with hundreds of years of bloodshed and conflict. The ravages of war have taken a serious toll on the people, affecting one and all. As Gurudev has done in other war-torn regions of the world, the Prison SMART, and other Art of Living programs were introduced in Croatia, to heal the physical, mental and emotional scars of the people, giving them a chance to experience real freedom. The outcomes have been stupendous!

The experience of the inmates at Croatia’s most highly and closely, guarded facility, Lepoglava Prison, was so beneficial, that programs were introduced in Turopolje Juvenile Prison. Here, the offenders, between the ages of 15-21, have been imprisoned for grave criminal offences like murder, attempted murder, robbery, etc. These youth come from troubled social backgrounds, or dysfunctional families, they’ve been victims of abuse, or adhere to a deranged set of values – all, ‘gifts’ from war. Transformations post the prison program, have been truly heartwarming. The latest facility to start off the program in Croatia is Prison. Importantly, we are organizing courses for Ministry of Justice employees, that are working in prisons, on the request of the Ministry itself.

“I came to the course because I wanted to do more with my life. I used to like fighting, but now I feel a difference in my communication. I’m happy." - Bajram G (Turopolje Juvenile Prison)

“I sleep better, and I’m going to continue to practice everything I learnt here.” - Marko G (Turopolje Juvenile Prison)

“I was looking for peace, for control. I feel I’ve improved in the course! It’s good at the course. Go for it! Two hours at the course makes me relaxed through the day." - Dusko M. (Turopolje Juvenile Prison)