Post the initial pilot Prison Program in New Zealand, talks are presently on with prison authorities to organize more courses. The Program also runs in Western Australia. Currently, The Art of Living is working in partnership with the Juvenile Justice Department.

"It’s a fantastic course! I feel more calm, peaceful, and ready to deal with what life has in store for me. I feel my depression lifting, and I have a new way of looking at things."
Debbie Inmate, Christ Church Women’s Prison

"This course has been a very beneficial experience. Emotional, and physical pain, have both disappeared, helping me return to the happy, joyful, full-of-life Krystale that I used to be. I am smoking fewer cigarettes, and am no longer relying on iron tablets to re-energize myself."
Krystale Inmate, Christ Church Women’s Prison

"I’m asthmatic, and this course has made it easier for me to breathe. It has helped me release stress. I find inner peace. It’s something new… and relaxing. I’m glad I attended the course! I hope the other inmates also get a chance to do it."
Daniel Inmate, Wellington Men’s Prison

"I opened my mind, and myself, to meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga…and I have learnt something new about myself! This course has also helped me cut down on my smoking, and my lungs are benefiting from the breathing exercises!"
Inmate, Wellington Men’s Prison