Prison Program Testimonials

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Participant Testimonials:

"I think that The Art of Living classes were very productive not only for the human body, but for the mind. It helped me realize and find what was wrong with me and how to fix it. It also helped me find the centre of my being, how to calm myself using a few tricks. I also think this is a program that should be taken by everyone that will soon be released to the street so that they too find a way to cope with this world that have treated us so bad."

In the room, were Sanya and I, three guards and about twenty prisoners. Later we learnt that their combined sentences totaled to around 300 years. Until then, every time during Sudarshan Kriya I would breathe, but then I decided... to watch."


- Tomislav Huha, Prison Smart teacher

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Adult male, Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, CO

"This class should be mandatory for all inmates. This experience has helped me heal my inner-self and the relationship that I have with my creator, by getting rid of all the negative things I was holding on to. There are places in my heart that are still closed, but this class has helped me realize this and I am now able to work through some of the pain."

Adult male, Grafton Correctional Institution, Grafton, OH

"I enjoyed my time here and I would like to return. It allowed me to relax my mind, as well as clear it, and build confidence that was hidden deep within, that I didn't know about. My times aren't the best right now, but I will strive on to survive. At one point in time in my life I wanted it to end, but as I concentrated and looked deep inside myself, I found vital value. There is a lot for me to live for. There are responsibilities I have to take care of; there is a lot for me to change for. Thank you for all you've done."

17 year old juvenile male, Challenger Memorial Youth Center, Lancaster, California

"The Art of Living has been a healing experience for me. I can now look out from the inside and see the sense of strength, inner peace and new found wisdom of the breath. It is allowing me to trust and let other people be there for me. There is a feeling of power, a feeling of joy and excitement that comes from learning these new techniques. I like the woman I am finding in me."

Adult female, Northeast Pre-Release Center, Cleveland, OH