In August 2004, the Art of Living chapter in Krasnoiarsk joined hands with psychologists of HUIN, on a program targeted at the social adaptation of prisoners via stress release. The Breath is Freedom, it aims to con the Prison Program for every single prisoner, and under-trial in Krasnoiarsk and the Krasnoiarsk region in the year period from January to December 2005. This project even won a grand, the Federal Concourse of Social Program with the Art of Living playing an important role in developing the government’s social program. Breath is Freedom has been a runaway success so far.

“In the short span of the Prison Program, I have learnt so much. I didn’t expect this! I never suspected that it was at all possible to live in another way! I am 43 years old, but I experienced the rhythm of the breath for the first time! My energy has increased, and my health is so much better! I have opened up myself to life, living for today, and not thinking of the past, or running forward! I now wake up with a smile! I tell everyone, ‘Come breathe with us, and be pleased to greet each day!’ A low bow, and many thanks."
Timofeeva Olga Aleksandrovna

“The kind of love, and warmth, we received in this program, one does not get in places like these. For me, the program has been the light at the end of the tunnel. It has given me hope, and faith that the world is not entirely gloomy and hopeless, that there are still people, who sympathize, help, and support. Thank you for teaching me to live on, anew – a very valuable gift. With a lot of respect and profound gratitude…"
Korostyleva Julia

My fatal weakness for drugs landed me here. I used to fear future collisions with them, and attempt to analyze the past, trying to understand why I chose drugs, the path that resulted in my doom. The desire to feel the completeness of life, while staying in touch with reality, led me to read many biographies, and literature on self-improvement. They were interesting, but I didn’t feel happy. After the initial peak of enthusiasm, my positive thinking went to extremes. Caught in a vicious circle, I always came back to a sense of hopelessness. But, with a single stroke, this program has transformed me beyond all recognition, and what I considered impossible, has become possible! I learnt here to truly perceive life – that it’s not enough to just understand, it’s necessary to do as well. Thank you! Life is meaningful once more!"
Sergeeva Olga

“I am very grateful for your support in such a difficult time. Most importantly, I have learnt to look at life as it is. I am also really cured off my old ailment! Three years ago, I received a bad bruise that never healed. In autumn, the blood gets further aggravated. The therapists prescribed several ointments, but nothing worked. And now this program has! Thank you!"

“I am very grateful to God for acquainting me with this program. I have learned to live within myself, and not react aggressively to things. I have begun to smile again. I thank you with all my heart! The program is very necessary for people."

"I prayed for a miracle, and in September, the Art of Living Prison Program happened! I have learnt to get rid of stress, be kinder in dealings with people, and look at things differently. This program helps and supports women who are low in courage. It has taught me to embrace this big world with warmth."
Dedjuhina Lyudmila