Gurudev says: There is no problem that cannot be solved!!!

Someone says: I have a few I can give you. (Laughter)

Gurudev says: When you have a problem and you think it cannot be solved, then you have accepted it then it is no longer a problem; it is a fact.

For example: Suppose you think it is a problem that the ocean in Norway is too cold. Obviously, you cannot heat the ocean. If it cannot be solved, you accept it and it's no longer a problem. Only when you are searching for a solution is there a problem and so there is no problem that cannot be solved. (Laughter)

The moment you realize there is no solution, a problem ceases to be a problem.

The solution is the tail of every problem.

Solutions come to you when :


  • You are calm and collected
  • You use intelligence
  • You are not lethargic but active
  • You have strong faith in Divine law

Kai says: If you don't want any problems, you can have a Guru.

Sheila says: If you want all the problems of all the people, become a Guru.

Tom says: Focusing on the problem alone, you cannot solve it. But, when you go step up to your real need, your real goal, to the higher Self, you find many solutions.