Pure party

Pure Parties are a booming activity in Poland. Set up by Michał Niewięgłowski who is an Art of Living YesPLus teacher and a DJ, and hosted by other Yesplus teacher-DJ’s, they have effortlessly convived all who attend that the best parties are healthy parties. Participants quit smoking and drinking thanks to getting such a natural high.

What is a Pure Party

A space for world music sets, frequently with backing from drumming jams. Pulsing musical rhythms energise – and there is no ‘day after’, no hangover. At these parties you can be yourself, be natural. If you want to hang and chat, it’s fine. If you want to sit by yourself and enjoy the vibe – fine. If you want to dance yourself high, fine too. There’s nothing of the snob stuff of traditional clubs. As well as club classics, the DJs’ repertoire includes completely new musical experiences taking your clubbing experience to another dimension, transporting you with Sufi hymns, Buddhist songs, meditational music, Vedic mantras – the sounds which hagve inspired the cutting edge of world music, from the Beatles to the Chemical Brothers, or the artists in the Buddha Bar project.