The Sudarshan Kriya (taught in the Youth Leadership Training Program) has helped many rural youth find inner confidence and strength to leave substance abuse, become self-reliant and happier individuals.


“I used to drink, smoke and chew tobacco. I did stupid things. When I did the YLTP I never thought that I could stop these habits. Now I want to make sure other rural youth do not get into this habit, and those who have, I will help them stop. All this ruins your life and in a small village if all the men drink and chew tobacco, then nothing will move or get better.”

Sharad Panditrao, Jalna, Maharashtra, India

Power to make a difference

“I was a shy and scared human being. I learnt the breath techniques four years ago. Today I am the “sarpanch” (president) of our village governing body. Our team has touched the lives of 5,000 women in and around my village. My vision is to change the lives of all rural women in India.”

Janvi, Orissa


“YLTP has taught and made me aware of how to love and care for another in order to make a difference, and to find myself to be a true leader.”

Mario Davids, South Africa