I did not know about DKP (Divine Karnataka Project) nor about Guruji. One day I met a friend who told me about Guruji and suggested to go through a 21 day training called DKP. He said it is very beneficial. I said we are muslims, our people don’t go for these things.

Somehow I landed to the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore for the 21 days training. Here I never felt that I am a Muslim or Hindu or Sikh or Christian, I could only see all are human beings.

15 days we went through the training and then we were sent out to take Nav Chetna Shibir. I was carrying only 400 rupees with me. That amount got over in 10 days only, then I thought now what will I do. Next thought came that I could recharge phones and earn some money. For which I called up a friend called Altaf. Through this I earned around 500 rupees.

Then one more experience I would like to share is when I went to take a Nav Chetna Shibir in another village. As soon as I entered the village I saw Guruji’s photograph in one house. I was very happy to see that my guru has reached here before me. Then I met one of the villagers and told him that we are going to take a three day Nav Chetna Shibir in their village, so our food and lodging has to be organized. That person said you did not give any information before coming; it is not possible at this moment. I told him if you will not organize I will go to some other house, take the course and leave in four days. Then that villager agreed saying that I cannot let down the reputation of my village. He availed us with one house to live and a community centre for the Shibir. Then we started the shibir, which was attended by many adults and children. First day they got food for us. But second day we kept waiting for hours, but got no food. So we went to a villager called Patel’s house with my team members. But his wife said she could not help, as her husband has gone to the fields. We thought how we will get food now?

While returning back to our accommodation, we saw someone was following us with food in his hand. Then all five of us had food happily and we saw that the paper in which the food was wrapped also had Guruji’s photo. I felt that gratitude for Guruji, I wanted to kiss him instead of having the food. I just want to say one more thing at last.

“Jati na pucho sadhu ki, wo hindu hai ya musalman. Pooch lijiye gyan, mole karo talwar ka pada rehne do mayan” (Don’t see the cast, creed or colour of the knowledgeable, just see the knowledge. If you want to value. Then value the sword not the cover).

Village: Bidar

Youth Leader Syed Ali shares an interesting experience from his first Shibir as a Teacher 23-Mar-10