School for Disaster Victims,


The Art of Living team put immediate relief measures in place after the tsunami in Nagapattinam, the team helped to re-build the communities by building homes, primary and secondary schools and an industrial centre.

These long term measures have enabled students from many different villages in the area to further their education and improve their future.

First generation learners

The students of the school come from a background where parents are illiterate and financially poor. In this scenario the school teachers lay special emphasis towards inculcating values that are essential for healthy living such as hygiene and cleanliness.

Apart from the regular curriculum followed, the school also works to inculcate human values like friendliness and a sharing and caring attitude, both among the students as well as the teachers.

Stress free schools

In order to ensure the well-being of the students the school conducts regular yoga and meditation sessions. Discipline also forms an important part of the school functioning. Free facilities like mid-day meals, uniforms and stationary are also provided time and again when needed.

I am studying in 6th standard. My father’s name is Rajothri and my mother’s name is Chitra. My father is a farmer and my mother is a house wife. I have a brother who is studying in 7th in this school. I love this school very much and my favorite subject is mathematics. I want to be in the Indian Army - Manimagan

I am an autodriver. I am married and my wife’s name is Amutha. I have two children. I have joined 25 students in Guruji’s school by my own will. I wanted my child to study in English medium school, so I admitted him in SSVM. In other schools the contribution is Rs.5000 and even more. I can’t afford to pay such high contribtion. But in SSVM it is only Rs.500 and this school is like a gift to us. Van facility is very useful. It would be even better if there are also schemes for handicap children - Ramamurthy

Developing community

The schools are not only giving education and bringing students out of trauma, but also giving a platform to the teachers and the other members of the community to participate in the school projects.

This has given them a direction and diverted their focus from a terrible past, to re-building a more hopeful future. The Sri Sri Industrial Center has also become a driving force for people to collectively move ahead towards transformation and higher learning.