Exclusive Yoga Day Hacks for Daily Life

Yoga is as flexible as it makes your body; probably a little more. With changing times and hectic lifestyles all around, it only makes sense to learn a few yoga hacks that will keep you energized and on the move, regardless of whether you have your yoga mat handy or not.

Yoga for Facebook   Users

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and social-media, don’t forget to logoff for a while. Simply turn to Facebook Yoga to relax your mind and reenergize your body, right from your seat.

Yoga for Mobile Phone Users

If you’ve been spending a lot of time tapping and swiping away on your smartphone, take a break. Recharge yourself with a quick round of desktop yoga before you get back to the grind.

Yoga to Relieve Back Ache

Put an end to your backache with these simple yoga poses.

Is Yoga More Than Exercise?

Go beyond the poses and discover the multi dimensions of yoga.

Discover Yoga and Its Roots

Explore the origins of yoga, its journey over centuries and its various types.

Know Yoga Better on this International Yoga Day

What is Sri Sri Yoga?

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What are the Benefits of Yoga?

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Explore Yoga Poses

Explore the poses

Lose Weight with Yoga

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Stay Fit With Sun Salutations

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Relieve Yourself of Back Ache

Alleviate your pain

Put End to Anxiety with Yoga

Eliminate Anxiety

Lift You Face With Facial Yoga

Rejuvenate your face

Get a Glowing Skin with Yoga

Radiate Inside-out