Skill In Praising

Often, when you praise, you praise in comparison to someone else. In order to praise one person, we put down someone else and when we want to point out somebody's mistake we praise another.

Some are stingy in praising, and some are shy.

And some others are simply not used to.

Some praise with motives, and some others just to elevate.

Others praise themselves in order to hide their low self-esteem.

The real praise dawns in a blossomed state of consciousness.

The praise that comes out of an elevated state of consciousness is simply its nature and is quite different. Normally praise comes out of craving and pride. The praise from a heightened consciousness is always out of fulfilment.

Praising can no doubt elevate the consciousness and bring enthusiasm and energy. At the same time it can also bring arrogance. Praising is a skill.

When someone praises you, do you take it without shying away?

Accepting praise without shyness, is also a skill.