Smiling Uniforms

It is rare to see a smiling, calm and an energetic policeman (women included) on the streets of India. But, for the citizens of the far northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, this won’t be a rare scenario. 

Being a policeman, is not an easy job. There are prejudices about the men and women in uniform. Often, they are the topic of unpleasant conversations. Even though it is a government job, with lifelong pension, it is quite a frenzied one. Erratic working hours, unethical practices, constant demand from the public, pressure ‘from the top,’ lack of appreciation and recognition, and unsupportive infrastructure builds up to the stress and frustration. To top it, they face the ire of the public and the media, if something goes wrong in maintaining law and order.

Stress is the core reason for unethical practices by the police. Recognising this fact, Ms. Rama Tewari, an Art of Living Faculty, with the strong initiative of ‘Anugrah Shiksha Seva Sangh’(ASSET), SP Isaac Pertin, (Lohit district) and PS Lod Tari, (Mahadevpur), conducted a series of ‘Stress Management Programs’ for the police personnel, in November 2011. A team from ASSET, had met with the Home Commissioner Tajom Taloh, and the DGP (West) Robin Hibu, and briefed them on The Art of Living’s Stress Management Programs. It was understood that the program would be of great help to the state’s police personnel, whose jobs have become tougher in the face of rising law and order problems.

“Commit yourself to fitness- Take up The Art of Living Stress Management Program, (SMP) for your betterment and serve well. Perform your duties with a stress free mind and healthy body,” urged Tamune Miso, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, as he inaugurated the SMP in Namsai (a town in Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh). There were 18 participants in Namsai, 21 in Mahadevpur, and 13 in Chongkam. And, in a highly motivating gesture, the top officers of various ranks also participated in the 6 day course, experiencing ‘Sudarshan Kriya,’ a powerful breathing technique that rejuvenates and energises both the body and the mind.

“Mera mann hi badal gaya (my mind has a total positive shift)” exclaims constable Lemchun Wangpan. “I am fresh, calmer and energetic,” claims constable Sanjay Kumar. “I improved on some undesirable habits, and I realized that we can remain healthy by doing yoga and also keep our morale high,” remarks ASI M B Sunar, as the police force experienced a complete transformation in their attitude, personality and demeanor. The officers thanked The Art of Living for bringing such empowering programs to the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh. Say,' hello!' to a rejuvenated, stress-free and a happy police force, fighting crime and protecting the people of Arunachal Pradesh, with a smile.