Solapur Reverberates to Taal Ninaad

“Harmony is required in life. Devotion is the melody in life, knowledge is the rhythm. Make your life harmonious and you will get happiness and joy,” said Gurudev. On this note, on the evening of 17th Jan, 2012, Solapur reverberated with the rhythm of 1548 percussionists, all playing together on one stage. 

This unique concert was called ‘Taal Ninaad’ or ‘the echo of rhythm’. The sound of 1230 tablas and 318 pakhwaj with a blend of the sarangi and the flute, set the beats of the 150 thousand people’s heart in sync. This magnificent event was organized to commemorate the visit of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Solapur. In fact, Solapur and the Art of Living have a very old connection. Gurudev shared, “When the Art of Living was founded thirty years ago, I was in two minds, whether to start the organization or not. I was on the Hubli railway station, I had a choice of going to Solapur or Bangalore. If I would go to Solapur I would start The Art of Living. If I had gone to Bangalore I would not have started The Art of Living. Finally I chose to go to Solapur, and thus The Art of Living, which has reached out to150 countries, was started. Solapur, was the origin of The Art Of Living.”

Taal Ninaad, is on its way to the Guinness Book of World Records, breaking the last record of 349 ‘tabla’ players playing for 49 minutes in Ahmadabad. There were ten representatives from the Guinness to record this event. The Art of Living has had eight records so far.

Music with awareness, was how ‘Taal Ninaad’ was. As Gurudev ambled on the 25 thousand sq feet stage, he addressed the gathering, and told them that we had to bring India to the number one country in the world. He also urged the people to get rid of alcohol completely, create a violence free society, and go beyond the caste and creed discrimination and have just one caste, that of humanity.

“Those who meditate and do pranayam will have the experince of getting their wishes fulfilled. You can have an intention for self betterment, but also have the country in mind. There is a need for the youth in every area. Have an intention of working together. Your mind will be purified. Have an intention for belongingness and do selfless service,” said Gurudev, as the people gathered were mesmerized by the music and by his presence, setting the evening for an experience of bliss.