Solar Lithium Lamps Light Up 350 Homes in Assam

Dibrugarh, Assam: The villages of Garaki and Mukulgaon in Assam saw light at night when Art of Living volunteers distributed solar lithium lamps to the villagers. About 350 homes in these tribal villages have been lit up. On this occasion, Swami Purnachaitanya, an Art of Living faculty, shared his experiences of so¬cial work in the area. He encouraged the locals to participate in the free Art of Living programs and ben¬efit from them.

Assam’s Sri Sri Rural De¬velopment Program (SSRDP)coordinator Mausami Sharma said most villages in the state faced the same problem of electricity and the ‘Light a Home’ project is trying to bring light into the lives of the needy. Students of the village are able to study using solar lithium lamps instead of kero¬sene lamps, said Kailash Yadav of Bindakata. The project has benefitted the entire village, he added.

A teacher of Venture School, who lives in Ward no. 9 where solar lithium lights were distributed, said that this year’s floods had affected the village badly. There was total disrup¬tion of the village infrastructure, and the roads were in a bad condition, he said. Art of Living’s electrification program has helped schoolchildren to a great extent, and even his children were using these lamps, he added.

SSRDP Trustee Deepak Sharma said this project was being implement¬ed across India, and Karnataka, Guja¬rat, Assam, and Jammu and Kashmir have already benefited from it. About 500 people took part in the event, in¬cluding Art of Living teachers, volunteers, and Yu¬vacharyas and satsang participants.

Project coordinator Mausami Sharma can be reached at (+91) 9954577788.