Sri Sri’s peace message ahead of the Ayodhya verdict

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
30th September 2010

There are certain moments in life which calls for wisdom, which calls for patience, which calls for expression of our sincerity, of our friendliness, of our love. And this moment is such that we all have to come out from our heart to maintain peace, brotherhood, tranquility in our society. Let us not in anyway react to the verdict that’s going to come. This is a moment we all have to express our wisdom and exercise restrain.

It is nobody’s win and nobody’s loss. We are all one family, we are all together Indians. Let’s keep this foremost in our mind and not indulge in any sort of violence or unrest or emotional outburst at this historical event. These are the moments that really call for our humanness to be expressed fully in the society.

I appeal to all the citizens of India, from every religion, to come together and keep peace and brotherhood. Do not let this fabric be destroyed in any outward emotions.

Jai Hind.