Sri Sri appeals for restraint among Indian students in Australia

Alabama, United States
9th June 2009

Bangalore: Art of Living founder and humanitarian, His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has appealed to the Indian students community in Australia to stay calm, not get provoked and practise restraint.

“The world is becoming a global community. In this milieu, we cannot afford another conflict on racist and nationalist lines. We have to come together in understanding and harmony. India has a legacy of non-violence and ahimsa. Time and again, Indians have demonstrated that peaceful methods of protest have a far greater power in achieving goals than any violent acts. The Indian student community should take hope from this and use only peaceful means to redress their problem,” he said

The Art of Living Foundation has already started conducting its programs among the Indian student community, to reduce the anguish of the students. The Foundation has a strong following in the community of students, both Indian and Australian. It has even reached out to the native Australian community.