Sri Sri Beejkosh (Seed Bank)

With the advancement of science, many alterations and changes have been introduced by the scientist in the crops and the genetic make-up of the original seed is changed. Because of this the newly developed varieties and hybrids of different seeds are susceptible to different pests and diseases. Since the time of the green revolution many introductions of crop varieties and hybrids have taken place. These hybrids require use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides etc. Therefore, the cost of cultivation of such crop increases and the result is that the farmers are not able to get good quality food as well as sufficient income. Thus the agriculture industry is becoming sick and farmers are inclined to commit suicide due to not being able to repay their loans or even meet their expenses. The only alternative to assure the stability and sustainable development in agriculture is to promote traditional methods of agriculture like adoption of organic farming, promotion of indigenous seeds to avoid use of hybrids. Therefore, it has been decided to establish a seed bank at the national Level with the following objectives:

  • To promote locally time-tested seeds, which have high nutritive value
  • To protect the biodiversity
  • To promote drought resistant and pest resistant varieties of indigenous seeds
  • To educate farmers in the plant breeding scientific technique of crop selection
  • To establish plant nurseries of horticulture like fruits, vegetables, flowers, aromatic, medicinal, spices, etc of locally established varieties and indigenous fruits and vegetables

Concept of Seed bank

Organize training to educate farmers in the selection method of crop varieties of locally available indigenous and native place.

To collect such selected seeds of the crop to dry, preserve, protect, store and pack it for propagation by the farmers themselves.

Further, to organize crop demonstrations of locally established and selected crops for the purpose of showing the effect of the crop varieties to other farmers in villages and to distribute the seeds of the demo plot to other farmers in the vicinity.

How to implement the scheme: visit for more information and to participate in this program