Sri Sri features among inspiring world leaders in Argentina

8 Jan 2011

Argentineans are now getting their dose of inspiration from our own Indian spirituality. The testimony of this fact can be seen from the report carried by the La Nacion, Argentina’s leading daily where spiritual leader, humanitarian and Art of Living founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been featured amongst the inspirational personalities who have influenced lives of millions in varied spheres of life.

Gurudev has been credited for his immense contribution towards bringing inner harmony to the hearts and the minds of people through deep knowledge and breathing techniques. "I am inspired by two things: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar when I see his simplicity, his wisdom and his life devoted to the service of humanity, tirelessly for the last 27 years,” says Beatriz Goyoaga, a former journalist.

Beatriz, who is currently an instructor with The Art of Living, is happy to be bringing about a positive change in the lives of many, "It inspires me to see the people’s faces when they open their heart and feel on top of the world, or when a prisoner told me, after doing the course, that he feels free although he still has 10 years to go inside the prison!" she shares.

With over 160 teachers in Argentina, The Art of Living has actively spearheaded various service initiatives that include prisoner rehabilitation programs, care for the homeless and tree plantation drives.

In Feb 2009, a cartoon called Plim Plim based on Gurudev’s Universal Declaration of Human Values was launched by one of Latin-America’s most respected TV personality, Guillermo Pino. Gurudev was chosen as the main character to instill in the children the universal values of caring, love and sharing.

Some of the other eminent world personalities who have been an inspiration in various fields profiled by the newspaper are Aung San Suu Kyi, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.