Sri Sri Focuses on Yoga at EU Parl

23 Apr 2015

BRUSSELS:  ‘Art of Living’ founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s widely anticipated visit to the European Parliament here for an event on Yoga  brought an air of freshness and new energy to the world’s largest legislating body. The event titled ‘The Yoga Way?’ was held at Paul Henri Spaak Building of the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday.

It was as part of a curtain raiser  to celebrate International Day of Yoga 2015 that Sri Sri  was invited to speak on Yoga and lead a meditation session in the European Parliament by the Delegation for Relations with India and supported by 11 MEPs (Member of European Parliament). Addressing the eclectic gathering, Sri Sri said, “From GDP, we are moving to Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH). Yoga can be a useful tool that can aid that. A large percentage of our population today is suffering from depression. Just popping anti-depressants will not help. We need something that is as natural as our breath that we can use and elevate our spirit and feel that much needed happiness.”

Throwing light on the power of Yoga, Sri Sri added, “Prejudice based on religion, race, class, gender, education, and financial status have clogged the mind of men and that’s how conflicts arise in society.Yoga helps us to reach out and resolve this conflict.”

Lauding Sri Sri’s numerous humanitarian initiatives across the globe, Jo Leinen, MEP from  Germany, said, “If I would have to decide, you would be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize -- it is something you deserve. You are the one who wants to solve conflicts and bring harmony.” The insightful discourse on Yoga, the interactive question and answer session with Sri Sri and the relaxing meditation enthralled the audience.