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Gurudev speaks about IWC 2005

The primordial energy is always feminine. That is why it is called Aadhya Shakti. Women bring human beings to the planet and teach us how to live. At this moment, I should remember my mother, who has been an inspiration to me. Your mother is your first Guru, your first teacher.
This Conference will, I hope, bring you the joy of celebration along with the knowledge of a summit. In celebration, there is no knowledge, and in knowledge, there is no celebration; but this conference should be that unique one, where you combine the joy of celebration and the wisdom of discussion, which will enable you to move ahead in society and make a difference, make a change.

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Women teach us our first behavior, our first step in life. Women can glue the differences and bring people of diverse nature together. These qualities are inherent in a woman. For a woman, it is quite natural to relate from the level of the heart.
If a project is not successful, I think there has been less participation of women. Where women are determined, they can make any project successful. The biggest force is emotions and feelings, motivation and inspiration. Men can inspire to fight; women inspire to unite. In today's war-torn world, we need women to come to the forefront and take more responsibility, without getting stressed. This is very important.
It is necessary that women bring together the finest aspects of society; the feminine, and the ability to create, with the transformational ability to make a difference in society - these two should go hand in hand.
There are more wars in the world today because there is a lack of feminine leadership to unite people, overcome differences and bring home the purpose of life that we are all born with.
We need to inculcate spiritual values in our children. If you can identify in a child where the aggression is beginning, where it is sprouting, you have the skill, and the responsibility, to turn it around.
Now it is your responsibility to bring non-violence, caring and sharing, and a sense of belongingness into society, whether it is at the local, state, national or international level.


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