Sri Sri to visit North Karnataka

Badakhshan province, Afghanistan
30th September 2013

Renowned spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be on a 3-day tour of North Karnataka from 22 - 24 Sept, 2013. He is scheduled to visit Bijapur,  Dharwad and Hubli where he will address people from all walks of life and conduct Satsangs - sessions of music, knowledge and meditation.

Gurudev will flag off his tour from Bijapur on 22nd Sept, where he will lead the residents in a programe of music-and-meditation at the B.D.A. grounds, Viveknagar.

On 23rd Sept, en route to Dharwad, he will distribute solar lamps to the villagers at Konnur. He will lead a satsang at the Sri Huragadli Ajja Kanoonu Vidyalaya & Sri Mruthunjaya Kala & Vanijya Maha Vidyalaya Maidana in Dharwad. On the morning of the 24th a youth meet will be held with Gurudev at SDM Engineering College, Dharwad.

On the last leg of his tour, on 24th Sept Gurudev will conduct a satsang at Shiggon, distribute solar lamps and In a program called 'Manthan' he will interact with professionals at The Chamber of Commerce, Hubli, before presiding over an evening of knowledge, meditation and music at Nehru Stadium, Hubli.

"Uttara (North) Karnataka has a tradition of saints who worked for the upliftment of its people. It is to bring people together in a supportive culture of peace, constructiveness, and service to others, and through this to create an empowered Karnataka, that Gurudev is undertaking this tour,' says Jagdish Sastry, faculty with Art of Living.

The Art of Living organization has been working particularly with women and children in urban slums and in rural areas in Karnataka. Many villages have been been benefited by its various developmental projects. It has formed Self Help Groups, built toilets, and empowered many women through training in tailoring. In a bid to contribute to water-conservation efforts, the organization has undertaken the rejuvenation of the Kumudavathi River (till recently a dry stretch of river-bed), by taking steps to augment the water resources in the river basin.

Hundreds of children and adults in this area of Karnataka have benefited from the multi-faceted stress-elimination programes offered by The Art of Living.