Sri Sri to visit Odisha to prepare for World Culture Festival

Spiritual Leader, Humanitarian and founder of The Art of Living and Sri Sri University, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be visiting Odisha on December 21.

He will address the zonal meet of Indian Apex members of the organization for the forthcoming World Culture Festival (WCF) and will also address at a Satsang on the Sri Sri University campus.

The World Culture Festival 2016 is a celebration of diversity, service, humanity, spirituality and human values. The festival marks the 35th anniversary of The Art of Living’s contribution to global peace, non-violence and the idea of One World Family The festival will celebrate the diversity in cultures from across the world while simultaneously highlighting our unity as a human family.

The two-day festival from March 11 will be held in New Delhi. Delegates from more than 154 countries will be joining the celebration of joy with an expected footfall of 3.5 million. The cultural heritage of various parts of India will be showcased in the festival. More than thousand Odissi dancers and instrumentalists are planned to perform on the 18 acre stage designed for the festival.

Courtsey : Odisha Sun Times