Sri Sri Yoga for the
City of Johannesburg

Art of Living and Sri Sri Yoga teachers had a wonderful opportunity to share their wisdom and skills with over 150 people in Soweto, as part of the City of Johannesburg's, Young Mothers ECD program (Early childhood Development). The City of Johannesburg ECD department is running an educative process for young mothers in Gauteng, which includes the development of soft skills, self esteem, awareness, meditation, breathing, and yoga.

The first of the series of sessions was conducted by Art of Living teacher, Vanishree Pavadai and Sri Sri Yoga Coordinator, Aarti Ranchod.

The City has several workshops planned for the entire districts of Gauteng, with an approximate reach out to 700 young mothers. Sri Sri Yoga teachers will be facilitating the soft skills part of the program throughout the province over the next few months.

Some of the sharing's after the Soweto Sri Sri Yoga sessions:

  • “My head was heavy and tired, it feels so light now”

  • "My back is always troubling me, the exercises makes me feel so good, and my back is feeling better"

  • “I feel peaceful and happy” “My lungs feel like it is bigger and more oxygen is in my body”