Not an everyday housewife goal

Relieving the stress of those in uniform with the power of yoga

My mentor once suggested that I conduct a yoga class at a police academy. The academy head shared that cadres suffered from hypertension, diabetes, headaches, insomnia and in some cases, depression.  He told me that their work was taking a toll on their family life. Many of them were unaware of what was going on in their families. Many had taken to drinking and smoking. The situation was same everywhere.

Things began to change when this lot did the first yoga program. The health of the policemen improved. Their stress level reduced. A Yoga habit soon replaced the cigarette butt and bottle. The word of mouth spread. This gave me a new goal – taking yoga to as many police personnel as possible. Today, I have facilitated Yoga for more than 15,000 policemen in Uttar Pradesh. The transformation I see every day is beautiful.

There have been also times when I have faced rejections but those have turned into opportunities. The head of another academy once politely declined my offer to conduct yoga sessions but came around after weeks of persistent convincing. When he saw the results, he let me lead yoga sessions for another 4000 personnel.

People say that the policemen in our country are corrupt and lawbreakers. But almost nobody knows the physical and mental condition that our policemen endure. How can we expect anyone living under such chronic stress to do the right thing? I’m glad to be part of the solution even as an ordinary homemaker.

-  Ritu Narang, Sri Sri Yoga teacher

Written by Vanditaa Kothari