STRINGS GROUP: Internationally acclaimed pop-rock band from Pakistan: Hey Ravi Shankarji, namaste, salam valikum. What do you think, how can we make youth realize that they are the future of this world?

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Youth love music and they listen to you. You can instill the dream in them to look for a better society, to work for a better society, and to take responsibility. Youth are very intelligent today; they are looking for an opportunity to listen to such words and they take it. As musicians you can inspire them to take responsibility, to create a violence-free world, stress-free world, or a better world. When youth take responsibility, there can be some ups and downs; they need constant reminder of their dream and encouragement to walk on the path in spite of many obstacles that they may face on their way.

You are doing a good job in inspiring people, uniting people of the continent - India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Everyone enjoys your music. I send all my best wishes, and join in greeting you to continue to bridge the gap, and bring the youth of the world together, to make the world one big beautiful family. Thank you.