The Syllabus

Day 1: The Art of Listening
“A good listener is always a good speaker and later on he will become a good leader”. Most of the time we find ourselves in trouble and confusion because we do not listen; we hear but do not listen. Learn the different types of listening for a less complicated life.

Day 2: The Sudarshan Kriya
There is a rhythm in everything, there is a rhythm in nature, and our body has a rhythm too. Every emotion in our body has a particular rhythm, the breath is the connection between the body and the mind, with every change in emotion the rhythm of our breath changes, for instance, when we are angry or anxious our breath is short and shallow, when we are joyous and happy our breath is long and deep. In Sudarshan Kriya, we get into the rhythm of our Being, with different rhythms of breathing in this powerful technique, in a very short time every cell of the body becomes alive, and releases all the toxins and negative emotions it has stored from times past.


(from the Greek word, en-theos = in God)
Enthusiasm means to be connected to God within: you cannot be connected to God when you are not in the present moment. This is a process that teaches you to be happy NOW!

Day 3: Be happy now!
All of us need something in life that we think would make us happy. “If I get a Mercedes then I’ll be happy.” “If I get a nice wife then I’ll be happy.” What we forget is that our ground state or our very nature is happiness.
We cannot be happy yesterday, we cannot be happy tomorrow, we can only be happy NOW!

Day 4: Levels of existence
There are seven levels to our existence. The body, the breath, the mind, the intellect, the memory, the ego, and the self.

Day 5: Relationships
Never step on a man’s ego, and never hurt a woman’s feelings- the mantra for a healthy relationship.

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