Take six days off to relax, rejuvenate & reconnect with yourself

21 Jun 2011 to 25 Jun 2011

No matter how busy you are, you need to rest and recharge. Just as a cell phone or computer. Often in the pursuit of ‘that’ perfect vacation, we spend so much energy on planning. And worrying. Will my vacation be as I’ve planned? Will everything be alright?

“Yet the most beautiful spot, anyways, is right here,” says Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “When you come here, you find that everything is so beautiful wherever you are.” Where is this place?

“Don’t look here and there; come within you. When you are here, then any place becomes beautiful. Then wherever you go, you add beauty there,” says Gurudev. Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you’ll find that every day is a vacation and a celebration.

Why the Advanced Meditation Course?

  • Improved energy levels & enthusiasm
  • Improve your creative skills: expression & observation
  • Understand yourself & others better
  • Attain an unshakable sense of stability in your lives
  • Experience inner peace and freedom
  • Enjoy guided meditations, fun yoga, and profound processes

The International Advanced Meditation Course (AMC) is an invitation to explore that beautiful place. Enjoy the perfect vacation for your body, mind, and spirit and go deep within yourself. The course includes a few days of silence. Just as a rocket needs fuel to take off, similarly ‘silence’ will be your fuel to start on this beautiful journey to discover yourself. Since ancient times, silence has been successfully practiced for self discovery. Shares John Tortorello, “My meditation practice went much deeper, and my heart feels more open and full. I feel gratitude for life. Physically I feel good; spiritually I feel full of love.”

The location of these advanced meditation courses is also special. Situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru city, surrounded by lush greenery and lakes; it is a nature lover’s paradise. You can wake up in the mornings to cooing birds and proceed for open air yoga sessions in beautiful gardens or in the main meditation center – Vishalakshi Mandapam.

Evenings are reserved for celebrating with melodious, joyful, soulful music, guided meditation, and knowledge sessions with Gurudev.

Many people who come to the International Center share that the moment they step into the in, they feel different – they feel more joyful and calm.

Kelly, a business student from the United States of America, echoes the experience of people from different parts of the globe,when she says: “The International Center is spectacular…it allows you the space to connect with the mind and body.”

Thousands meditate at this center and we know that meditations are so powerful that they affect the environment as well. The International Center, which is green now, was a barren piece of land more than 25 years ago – a testimony to the power of meditation.

While you’re here, you can explore some more pathways towards holistic heath:

Nadi pariksha

For more details about these options, write to internationalevents@vvmvp.org.

Register for the International AMC with Gurudev from 21-25 June.


The Art of Living Part 1 Course

Program Details

Arrival: One day prior to the program (20th June, for 21-25 June program).

Departure: Latest by noon after the last day of the program (26th June by noon, for 21-25 June program).

Program Schedule: The program begins at 6 AM on the first day and ends by 6 PM on the last day. (Program starts at 6 AM on 21st June and ends by 6 PM on 25th June)

Medium of Instruction: English (If translation is required, the group can organize its own translator.) In case of any questions or clarifications, write to courses@vvmvp.org.

Important Contacts / email

  • For general Information about ashram, write to info@vvmvp.org. Tel : +91-80-28432273/4
  • For airport and railway station pickup /drop services (on chargeable basis), write to taxi@sumerutravels.com. Tel: +91-80-26080256, 32923423.
  • For any queries related to accommodation, write to housing@vvmvp.org. Tel:+91-80-26080204/219


Bangalore, Karnataka, India