Teaching prisoners the art of living

5 Nov 2011

Life at Kamiti Maximum Prison moves slowly and mechanically. Inmates follow their chores like clockwork, but in no hurry. After all, most of them are serving life sentences while others are there for more than ten years. Yet others live in seclusion, in death row.

One such man, Brian Kariuki, has served five years of his life sentence. In an interview with Presstv, Brian, who was a student at Nairobi Aviation College before his arrest, says he harboured deep-seated anger against the people who accused him of the crime he is in prison for and which he maintains he did not commit.

"I would get really mad and even have nightmares," Brian said, face contorted with feeling. But now he says he has found the perfect remedy; the air. "Every time I get angry, I breathe in and out," he says.

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