Towards freedom from corruption

13 Aug 2011

We need people of character and honesty to check corruption. Corruption begins where a sense of belonging ends. Corruption is present at many levels of society; the first level is in the minds of the general public. We tell God that if you do this work of mine then i will offer something to you. Let alone our bosses, we don`t even spare God. Secondly, there are bribe givers and takers at the official level. The third level of corruption is at the ministerial level. The Lokpal Bill seeks to address this problem.

Lack of faith, belongingness, human values, sacrifice and service attitude are all causes of corruption, as also selfish motives and a sense of insecurity. It is when you feel so insecure and think that money is the only power or strength, then you become corrupt to the core. There is a lack of role models and inspiring examples at the highest levels. Also lack of stringent laws and effective enforcement of existing laws engender corruption at all levels.

Corruption starts where belongingness ends. Nobody will ever ask for a bribe from his family and dear ones. The means through which we can spread belongingness is spirituality. Work hard, be self-sufficient and stand on your own feet. We have to instil the belief that whatever is yours, you will get. Inner strength and awareness needs to be awakened. Only then, constructive change is possible. Read more