Trauma relief sessions for Mumbaikars from the Art of Living

Alabama, United States
30th November 2008

Mumbai: In view of the terror attack in Mumbai, the Art of Living Foundation is offering free trauma relief sessions for all Mumbaikars.

Through the special techniques that are formulated by His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one is able to get over the trauma that has affected one’s nervous system and get mental calm and clarity to deal with sit- uations at hand. These three-day sessions of one hour each have proven to be extremely effective in re- gaining mental and emotional balance and provide relief from post traumatic disorders.

If trauma is not released from the system, in the long run it results in physical, mental and psychological disorders such as insomnia, hypersensitivity, hyper vigilance, fatigue, depression, increased dependency on alcohol, helplessness, anxiety, intense psychological distress and exaggerated startle response.

Teachers of the Art of Living have already started visiting hospitals for one-on-one counseling sessions with the victims and organised blood donation camps across the city. Meditation sessions for World Peace are also being held at various locations all over the city - with overwhelming responses from people of all religions.

The Foundation is also offering trauma relief sessions to organisations. These trauma sessions will be offered to the citizens of Mumbai from December 1st, 2008 onwards. Ses- sions will be conducted in South and Central Mumbai and are open to all.

For information on timings and locations, the following numbers can be contacted: 9867313556, 9221838675, 25662360

Here are some experiences from earlier participants

“Memories of the blast, the bleeding bodies and the screams haunted me for nights until my wife Pushpa finally forced me into attending this course that has completely rejuvenated my entire being.” - Dinesh Tirodkar, Mumbai Railway Blasts 2006

“Life is stressful for all of us these days, and a meditative practice not only helps people deal more effectively with stress and anxiety, it also aids mental clarity and focus.”- Jane Applegate, CEO & Founder, SBTV, 9/11 Terror Attack New York, USA (September 2001)

“It feels like breathing out all the stress of war and breathing in a new life. I felt really relaxed after doing the breathing exercises.” - Ahmed Hinoon Iraq, Post War, (September 2003)

“Until we did the breath exercises my heart had not stopped pounding, not since the earthquake. Now at last I am at peace. - Begum Azie, Shaalkot village, Baramullah, Kashmir, October 20, 2005, Kashmir Earthquake

With its worldwide network of volunteers, the Art of Living has been able to immediately reach the calamity-struck place anywhere in the world; some trauma relief programmes have been conducted for flood relief in Bihar, India (2008) ,Virginia Tech Campus shootings, USA (April 2007) ,Vidarbha farmer sui- cides, India (2007), Suburban Railway bomb blasts, Mumbai, India (July 2006) , Jakarta floods, Indonesia (February 2007 & January 2002).