Turning India Around through the power of the pen

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
11th July 2011

Art of Living and Bharath Gyan launch ‘YOU TURN INDIA’

Bangalore, July 11: The Art of Living and Bharath Gyan launched a book ‘YOU TURN INDIA ‘ – a comprehensive analysis of India’s present predicament due to the rampant corruption prevalent today. Honorable Justice Santosh Hegde, the Lokayukta of Karnataka, released the book and presented the first copy to eminent film Director, Nagathihalli Chandrasekar.

Also present on the occasion were Dr. S R Leela, Member of Legislative Council, Karnataka. Speaking on the occasion, Justice Hegde said, “The Fight Against Corruption is important. Do not treat it just as a second choice. The Prime Minister had once said that we should develop zero tolerance against corruption. Today, we have developed tolerance to Zeroes. I complement the authors for the wonderful book and the research that they have put in to bring back the glory of India. I hope it is possible to bring it back. “

The book identifies the three waves of plunder that have impoverished India in the last 1000 years. The present wave of plunder, by Indians themselves, on India, in the last few decades, is perhaps the largest in magnitude. But fortunately this third wave is reversible. Written by D K Hari and D K Hema Hari, this book recommends a strategy for not only recovering the hoarded monies but also rejuvenating India with these monies.

Shri. Nagathihalli Chandrasekar described Dr Hari’s new book as a depiction of enlightenment and knowledge and said, “When all of us have become cynical and frustrated this book comes as a hope”.

“We have been focusing for a long time on the poverty of India. We have never taken a moment to step back to look at the wealth that was in India and the wealth generating potential of India. We talk of repeated plunders but miss out on the fact that all these have happened because there has been lot of wealth. YOU TURN INDIA was born out of our desire to turn this issue upside down and look at the ways to generate more wealth, harness it, safeguard it, deploy it objectively and judiciously for sustained prosperity.” share the Authors.

The Art of Living under the guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has and continues to spread awareness against the rising menace of corruption. Bharath Gyan has been compiling knowledge of India and its pan global ties through the ages, from a scientific, rational and integrated perspective. Based on this knowledge compilation, they have authored seven books which include Triple Eclipse, Historical Rama, Ayodhya War and Peace, Understanding Shiva and produced two films, on the subject of India in the last two years. More are in the pipeline.

YOU TURN INDIA is a joint effort by The Art of Living and Bharath Gyan as it aims to create awareness and bring forth a clear direction for the future, so that each one can play his part in turning India around, from a land of plunder to a land of sustainable prosperity.

About Art of Living Anti- Corruption campaign: The Art of Living has actively supported the India Against Movement led by Anna Hazare. In the words of its founder, Gurudev, corruption begins where a sense of belongingness ends. “You draw a circle of belongingness around you and corruption begins only after that. Politicians need to be more spiritual, by spiritual I mean have a sense of belongingness with people. That spirit is somewhere going down. That is why we feel that corruption or unethical business have all sprung up. We need to inculcate these value systems in our youth. The youth are ready for this, they want it!” he says.

Log on to https://www.artofliving.org/in-en/antidote-corruption for further information on The Art of Living’s initiative against corruption